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About Us

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Prescribed medicine is an online pharmacy which was established to provide instant relief to the patients in the form of oral drugs. The pharmacy is one of the most relied upon the website in the healthcare sector and enjoys a distinguished reputation in the market. We at prescribed medicine reach out to the farthest area of the country to extend our help to the ones who need it.

Healthcare sector is one of the most crucial parts of the economy of any country. It is necessary that the healthcare industry must advance so that an increasing number of patients can be cured and treated timely. We had established the country with the vision that our medicines shall not only reach out to the people living in the heartland states of the land but at the same time, shall make it to the farthest corners of each country. 

Procuring medicine from an online pharmacy fits is entire with the lifestyle of the people in the present times. Most people residing in urban areas tend not to pay attention to their prescription or tend to forget it. Many a time, the weather of the place may not allow the person to step out of the house and in such a scenario, it becomes quite essential to have the services of an online pharmacy at your disposal. It is because of this reason that we promise our customers that nothing in the world shall be able to stop us when it comes to delivering the medicines at your doorstep.

At prescribed medicine, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide our customers with quality drugs. It is because of this reason that all the drugs available at our website are available only by prescription. What more? We also take care that the drugs sold by us pass all the required quality tests and are approved by the highest authority in the country. This is what enables our customers to invest their trust in us. 

The interface of our website is designed in a manner to make sure that anyone and everyone can order medicines online without the slightest of the inconvenience. All the prescribed drugs are available on the homepage, and you can quickly drop the required quantity of the medication once you find the accurate dosage which matches the one in your prescription. We are your one-stop shop for the procurement of quality drugs online as we cater to a wide range of medicines including vitamins, herbal products, pain killers, baby care products, mother care products, anti-depressants, and a wide range of other products. With our top-notch quality medicines and a user-friendly interface, you shall be able to make the most of your online procurement of drugs.